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The links above lead to several completely separate collections of family records... one on the Hansen / Gould Extended Family (my own), another on the Hubbard / Holmen Family (a family whose ancestors I've adopted), and other miscellaneous projects I’ve worked on.  All of these collections are rough-cut direct-outputs of genealogical "works in progress."   I am posting these records on the internet primarily for the convenience of exchanging information with others researching the same lines.  

I've deliberately filtered the output to exclude information on living individuals... so, unless you are surfing from the beyond* you probably won't find yourself in these pages.

In spite of my efforts at quality control and source-checking there are undoubtedly errors in the family data I've collected.  Some of the mistakes I've unwittingly (or carelessly) absorbed from others and perpetuated.  Other errors I am solely (though inadvertently) responsible for.  If you spot mistakes or see suspect data, please let me know and steer me straight.  And if you're working on a connected line, send me a note...I'd be happy to swap some family history with you.

 Dixie Hansen                        

*Not one to miss a research opportunity: if you are surfing from beyond, I'd really like to hear from you.  I've got a question for you about Ulysses Pribble's mother.


Ragnhild Steivang

Mary Ada Henderson

Ulysses Pribble

Sidney Ross Gould

Gilbert Gould

Maren Katrine Larsdatter

Grace Harris


Pedigree Charts in the Hansen/Gould Records (links to database)

·         Winston Russell Hansen

·         Helen Grace Gould


Pedigree Charts in the Hubbard/Holmen Records (links to database)

·         Frank Valentine Hubbard

·         Minnie L. (Ayer) Hubbard

·         Jacob Aall Ottesen Stub

·         Aleda P. (Hooverson) Stub

·         Carl Robert Holmen

·         Sara Alida (Ljung Young) Holmen

·         Hugo Frej Thorene

·         Hilda Marie Ingeborg (Liljendahl) Thorene


Photos for Torstein

Ayer Genealogy

Mjøsenlaget ca 1920 - PDF

Slab Camp Cemetery Transcription

1870 Survey with Map Henderson/Winemiller

Marquardt / Deutsch Photos

Powell Photos

Project 2010

Østerdølenes Saga by K.G. Nilsen - 1938 (a big PDF file)

Østerdalslaget by K.G. Nilsen - 1925 (a big PDF file)


Immigrant Posters

Craddock Photos



Østerdalslaget Stevne News Articles

TreLag Story Page

TreLag About Face Photo Page

SwenÅke & Per Olaf Johansson Photos


Harris Documents

Til Tante May

Herman-Harms Photos

Brandvold Photo Albums

Tom Brudos Photos

Stolen Photos

DNA Handout


Mjøsenlaget Aarbok 1915

Mjøsenlaget Aarbok 1916

Mjøsenlaget Aarbok 1917

Mjøsenlaget Aarbok 1918

Handout for Gale Genealogy Workshop




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