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Announcing the Tre Lag 2012 Family Photo-Sharing Face Off

Invitation and Instructions For Entering

Enter in Either Category (or both)

Category 1.  A Favorite Family Photograph
Capturing a moment in time, a weathered Norwegian face, an intrigue, a long-buried photo, the essence of family, the misfit, a fine-looking group, a child that never grew up, a rare glimpse, or whatever it is that makes the photo special to you.  Submit ONE photo only.


NHOH Cousins!
Tobine and Marit Steivang (back and right) from Alvdal, Hedmark, Norway with their 2nd cousin, Christina Hogenson (left) from Spring Valley, Wisconsin.  Tobine and Marit are Dixie Hansen's Great Aunt and Grandmother.  Christina is Joy Shong's Great Aunt.  Dixie discovered she was related to Joy's family at the first meeting of the Nord Hedmark Lag and Joy's parents, Joe and Roslyn Waddell, gave a copy of the photo to Dixie at the Lag's 2nd meeting.

Photo submitted by Dixie Hansen - Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag


Category 2.  Morph My Family!
Do you see an uncanny resemblance between yourself and your Norwegian immigrant ancestor or between your daughter and her great-grandfather?  Would you like to see a progressive blend of the faces?  Submit any two family photos (the facial features must be readily visible in both photos).  I'll morph as many as face pairs as I reasonably can for display at the Stevne (giving priority to those that come in first). 




1.       Email your photo(s) or send by US mail to Dixie Hansen.  Please DO NOT send originals.  Photos will not be returned. 

2.       Include a complete print-ready caption for each photo.  The caption can be in an email or attached as a separate text file but, if you're sending digitally, it should clearly reference the associated file name.   If you want to tell the story behind the photo, do!

3.       Send a good quality print or scan if possible.  If you're sending a copier photo - copy it in color even if the original is black and white.

4.       Don't forget to include your name and contact information!

Send photos to: Dixie Hansen / 1411 Osceola Ave / Saint Paul, MN  55105   or email to

Photos received by 15 July 2012 will be displayed at the Stevne and will be published online here

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