Tom Brandvold Photo Albums - Photo ID Project

I've scanned the photos in 2 photo albums which belonged to Thomas Brandvold and which were loaned to me by his daughter, Gay Kearin.  There are 437 photos - mostly from the 1920s and 30s.  The Brandvold and Fjelstad families figure heavily in the photos - along with extended family and acquaintances - particularly friends of Tom Brandvold (mostly in album #1) and his sister Connie (mostly in album #2).

Tom Brandvold The Brandvold Brothers
Skiever, Tommy, Melvin, and Paul
Alfred Hansen, May (Steivang) Hansen, Winston Hansen. Alfred's sister, Laura Hansen, Connie Brandvold.  The little boy front right is Bobby Lennox, who was Laura's charge (she was employed as a nanny.)

For the most part, the photos in the album were not labeled and I need help figuring out who is who in them!   I recognize a few photos of my father's family (Winston Hansen - a 1st cousin of the Brandvolds/Fjelstads) and Gay can easily recognize her father and other family members in many of the photos too.  But I am hopeful that members of the extended Brandvold and Fjelstad families will pitch in and help identify some of the faces that we can't.

For a full screen view of each of the photos you can follow the following links to my site on Google +.  The problem here is that the site makes it difficult for me to put the photos in "numeric order" so you will need to pay close attention to the number ("caption") of each photo as you page through and the navigation is not the easiest.  (You can also download individual photos from the Google+ site).

Album #1 on Google+ 

Album #2 on Google+

To make it easier for me to enlist your help with the captions, here is a link to an Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF "scrapbook" version of each of the albums.  There are 6 pictures on each page.   One album is 39 pages, the other is 35.   If you are willing to help, print the albums out, write captions under the photos and mail a set to me (send me an email and I'll send you my address).  Or make a separate list of captions by the number of the photo and email it to me at

PDF "Scrapbook" version of Album #1 

PDF "Scrapbook" version of Album #2

(have patience, these are large files and will take a bit to download)

Thanks for your help!

Dixie Hansen

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