Searching for Olson-Olson-Mulder

Searching for Olson-Olson-Mulder-Stellingwerf Photos - Immigrants to the LaCrosse County Area of Wisconsin!

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Nils Olson (Skrefsrud)
Anne (Olsdatter Nysveen) Olson
Ole Olson (Strandsven)
Johanne (Hansdatter) Olson
Johannes Mulder
Trynntjie (Brons) Mulder
Frouke Stellingwerf
Trijintjie (de Vries) Stellingwerf
This website was designed for a very specific purpose:  I am looking for photographs of these 8 immigrants to the
La Crosse Area of Wisconsin. Two families have Dutch origins and two are Norwegian.

These 8 are the immigrant great-grandparents of a good friend (GMO] who has looked for ancestral photos among the members of his immediate family and cousin-group, but came up empty.

By gathering the names of as many descendants as possible (there are close to 800 listed here, but I know many others have escaped my research talons), my hope is to expand the search for these photos to GMO's second-cousins and second-cousins-plus.  My hope and hunch is that photos do exist, but were handed down in collateral lines even though they were not handed down to GMO's own family.

With a lot of digging (and the much-appreciated help of two such sought-out 2nd cousins+) I have so far been successful in locating photos of 3 of the 8 immigrants.  If you googled yourself and found this page and are a descendant of any of these 8 immigrants, my hope is that you will dig into your family albums or climb the attic stairs and come up with one or more of the missing images.  In turn I'll share them back on this page so that any family member who is interested will be able to enjoy the great pleasure of studying the face(s) of their forebearers. 

Note that although my primary purpose is to locate images of these 8 immigrants... I would also be most happy to collect and post photos of their immediate offspring as well.  So send those along too if you have them!

To keep this project manageable I don't plan to collect photos of descendants of the 3rd, 4th, or 5th generations (except to the extent that they are included in multi-generational family group photos).  You may note that I have only researched the family forward from the immigrant generation - not backwards to their ancestors.  That ancestral research is outside of the scope of this very focused photo project and I'll leave that to others.

Please contact me if you can provide the sought-after photos or if you names and helpful information about additional descendants which can be added to the database in an effort to help us "trap" and enlist them.

Many thanks!

Dixie Hansen