The research on these pages began as an attempt to document my own direct ancestry...but I got carried away with the sport of it and have followed out the ancestry of some of my in-laws and cousins as well.

The colored icons you see in the indexes and people pages indicate those individuals who fall in the direct ancestral line of the following family groups.


Family Group

Primary Lines

Hansen / Gould Family

Hansen, Gould, Steivang, Harris, Henderson, Rutherford, Pribble

Bradley / Olsen Family Bradley, Olsen, Love, Draper, Howarth, Tidwell
Brink / Blanchard Family Blanchard, Brink, Hilliker, Howell, Liddell, Madden, Merriman, Rohrman
Dunton / Semingson Family Barbour, Beaumaster, Bixby, Dunton, Fallgatter, Kiefer, Semingson, Skancke, Steviang, Tyrrell, Tofthaug, Wiemers
Garlock / Lord Family Countryman, Deal, Garlock, Hanks, Horning, Kemerer, Lord, Tresenriter, Trigg, Washburn, Wilkerson, Woolf
Herman / Harms Family Herman, Harms, Freiberg, Freudenstein, Liesenfelder, Desens, Krueger, Koepke, Schoenhoff
Montgomery / Wade Family Montgomery, Wade, Cochran, Winkler, Maxwell, Willett, Halterman, Pfaff
Stemm / Moore Family Aiken, Birdwell, Cardwell, Denton, Moore, Ransom, Stem, Stemm, Valentine
Stokes / Hartman Family Stokes, Hartman, Hillock, Knapp, Kendall, Paul, Smith, Holland
Wieman / Nagel Family Wieman, Nagel, Estenson, Luhring, Bandelin, Hegstrom, Soeffker, Wiedebush

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This is a work in progress.  Please let me know if you have additional information, corrections, comments, invectives (or whatever).

Dixie Hansen


Tobias and Ragnhild Steivang Family

Johannes, Sigrid, Bertine

Tobias, Ragnhild, Ragnhild Jonsdatter

Tobine, Fredrikke, Marit

Alfred and May Hansen with children Winston and Evelyn

also Fredrikke Semingson and Tobine Steviang (May's sisters)

and girls in plaid: Florence and Leslie (Mae) Semingson

Gould Kids: Ruth, Howard, Helen, Ginny, & Annie