The research on these pages bega

The information on these pages relates to the Hubbard and Stub Family (primarily Yankee and Norwegian lines) and the Holmen and Thorene Family (a family of Swedish heritage).  I am not actually related to either of these families, but have researched them pretty extensively for several years and would be happy to swap information with others who share my interest.

The colored icons you see in the indexes and people pages indicate those individuals who fall in the direct ancestral line of the following family groups:


Family Group

Primary Lines

Hubbard / Stub Family

Hubbard, Adams, Steele, Budington, Ayer, Rider, Rogers, Babbit, Stub, Ottesen, Arentz, D°derlein, Hooverson, Reese, Johnson

Holmen / Thorene Family Holmen, Peterson, Young (Ljung), Andersson, Sj÷stedt, Thorene (Frej), Andersdotter, Liljendahl, Persdotter

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This is a work in progress.  Please let me know if you have additional information, corrections, comments, invectives (or whatever).

Dixie Hansen


Carl Robert (Peterson) Holmen


Hugo (Frej) Thorene and his mother, Christina (Andersdotter) Thorene

Hans Gerhard Stub


Sarah Ann (Rider) Ayer