The links above will lead you di
The links above will lead you directly into accumulated notes and research on two Minnesota Families whose history I've explored a little.   The navigation tools  will allow you to search or browse for specific surnames, places, (a very few) photos, or charts within this data collection.

Please note that I am related to these families  by friendship but not by kinship.  I am not your cousin!  This data is in rough work-in-progress form and I'll gratefully accept corrections and additions.  Also note that I don't knowingly put information about living people online, so if you notice that a name or two is missing from a recent-generation family list, it may be because those folks are still alive and kicking (or I think they might be).

The Powell/Brunskill family is roughly 50% "Yankee" ancestry, 25% recent immigrant English-American ancestry, and 25% recent immigrant Norwegian-American ancestry.  I just initiated work on these lines in March 2008, and am actively adding to it.

The Stolen/Hoialmen Family has 100% (or thereabouts) Norwegian-American ancestry.  The research presented on these lines is decidedly scattered, cobbled together from a little census work I did myself a few years ago and some family notes I got from others.  A member of the Stolen Family is now currently engaged in more extensive and methodical research on this family group... and I have posted my collected data here mostly for personal convenience - as a handy reference when I'm in the field.

The colored icons that you see in the linked indexes and "people pages" indicate those individuals who fall in the direct ancestral line of these Minnesota Families.


Icon Family Line Surnames
Powell / Brunskill Powell, Hart, Hunter, Naylor, Ferguson, Rooks, Shaw, Campbell, White, Sherburne, Potter, Brunskill, Robinson (x2), Evans (and, in Norway,  a series of Norwegian patronymic names)


Stolen / Hoialmen Stolen (Stölen), Hoialmen, Skeie, Kramrig (and, in Norway, a series of Norwegian patronymic names)


Jessie Elizabeth (Hunter) Powell Abner M. Shaw Jean C. (Brunskill) and George N. Powell Gertrude Blanche (Evans) Brunskill