Photos taken somewhere in (Greenland?), presumably by Tom Brudos

The exact location(s) where these photos were taken has not yet been identified (someone will recognize the scenes I hope?)  These photos were left behind in a hotel room (the Best Western White Bear Country Inn) in Minnesota and sat in the lost and found until they were rescued by my cousin, who worked there, in 2009.  A hand-written letter was also bundled with the photos. The letter is postmarked October 4, 1954 and is addressed to Dick Brudos, who seems to be a student as St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota.  It was written by "Mary Elvira" [no last name] and makes several mentions of "Russell" who is apparently her husband.  Mary Elvira's return address is 602 S 2nd St., Stillwater, MN.  The letter contains no reference to the photos but does contain a few vague names of family and friends.  The 15 photo prints (one was a duplicate so only 14 are posted below) were in a small photo print sleeve which says only "Tom Brudos."  A notation on the back side of Image 12 suggests that the photographer (presumably Tom Brudos) is himself captured in that photo.

If you can identify the location of the scenes in these photos, please let me know.  A couple of them include some unique landmarks that should be identifiable. Update: JFlash, a member, has identified the flat-top mountain in Tom Brudos 03 below as "Mt. Dundas in Thule, Greenland."  With that helpful ID, my initial guess that the photos were taken in Alaska is hereby retracted (do-overs!)  More research underway.  Thanks, J!

I made a very cursory search of online records to try to identify the Brudos family, even though  58+ years have passed.  My first brush thought is that he is "Toge Thomas Brudos" (AKA Thomas C. Brudos) born 24 Aug 1903 in Vernon Co., Wisconsin, son of Carl Brudos and Bertha Severson, husband of Inga Marie Christianson; died 12 June 1957 in Vernon Co., WI.  A city directory listing suggests that Thomas C. Brudos once lived at 655 2nd St in Stillwater, MN - which is close in location to Mary Elvira's return address in 1955.  However the info gathered so far is too sketchy to count on - and I'm not sure how Dick Brudos would connect.  (Thomas and Inga did not have children in the 1930 and 1940 census). Dick is likely younger (assumption only - but he is a college student in 1955) than the Tom Brudos who appears, to my eye, to be middle-aged in the photograph. There is also an "alternate candidate" Thomas S. Brudos born in 1906 (son of Ole and Ellen/Allie) - in Vernon Co., Wisconsin. That Thomas Brudos died in 1975. 

The hope of my cousin, who rescued these abandoned photos, is to reunite them with the current-day Brudos family and/or to identify the village(s) in which the photos were taken.  If you can help, drop me an email.

Dixie Hansen

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  The photograper (by deduction) is likely Tom Brudos, far left

Tom Brudos 12
Reverse says: I work fast, don't I?
Tom Brudos 01
Tom Brudos 02 Tom Brudos 03

Photo identified by member as Mt. Dundas in Thule, Greenland

Tom Brudos 04
Tom Brudos 05 Tom Brudos 06 Tom Brudos 11 Tom Brudos 08
Tom Brudos 09 Tom Brudos 10 Tom Brudos 07 Tom Brudos 13
Reverse says: Eskimos on the Bay
Tom Brudos 14      


Updated 5/20/07