The Tre Lag 2012 Family Photo Sharing Face-Off

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Category 1:  A Favorite Family Photograph

A Gift of Love

Several years ago I came across this picture in my mother’s old photographs.  I suspected that this austere old couple dressed in their Sunday best was my great-great grandparents: Johannes Torsteinsen and Karen Halvorsdatter from the Aastadeie farm near Moelven in Hedmark.  I asked relatives living in the U.S. if they knew who was in the photo, but no one knew.  I sent the photograph to Hans, a genealogist in Hedmark.  He checked around the community and put the picture in the local newspaper, still no answer.  A year ago, I posted this picture in the NHOH News asking if anyone knew who these people were, no replies.  I was left to just assume that perhaps these were my great-great grandparents since the bottom of the photograph listed that the photographer was from Moelven.

This summer while cleaning out a storage box of my father’s, I came across a painting of an old couple sitting on a park bench. I thought I had seen these people somewhere before, but where?  It didn’t register for a few moments where I’d seen the couple before, because the painting was stored with keepsakes from the other side of my family – my father’s Hallingdal side.  I turned the brittle, cracked painting over to discover the hand written receipt to Gus Johnson, the husband of Eline Johnson (the daughter of Johannes Torsteinsen and Karen Halvorsdatter).  It stated that Mr. Gus Johnson had paid $1.90 and had a balance of $3.  Eline must have loved and missed her parents so much that Gus, her sweet, Swedish husband, as a special gift for Eline, paid to have a replica of the photograph painted by an artist in Superior, Wisconsin.  That painting which was a gift of love to Eline also confirmed my suspicions as to the identity of the couple on the park bench in Moelven.


Photo submitted by Kathy Botten, Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag


My Great Grandmother, Gunhild Ellevsdatter Rogneslien (1863-1953). Her American married name:  Gunhild Score. She had nine children who survived to adulthood … so she also had many great-grandchildren. She was almost 90 when she passed away, having outlived her husband by 28 years.  This picture was  taken at my grandfather’s house in Menomonie in late 1950 or early 1951 and includes my cousins Candy, Sue and Debbie Waller; Judith Score; and me. At that time, we were the only grandchildren of my grandparents, Sig and Esther Score. This is one of only two photos where I was pictured with Gunhild. I think many of my recollections about her are based on things I was told later since I didn’t understand Norwegian.  Most of the visits with Gunhild were on holidays or birthdays, especially on her birthday in July each year.

Photo submitted by Linda Schwartz, Tronderlag



The Steivang Family in Alvdal, Hedmark Norway in 1892

Back:  Johannes, Sigrid, and Ragnild Bertine
Middle: Tobias Embretson Galten (father), Ragnhild, Mother: Ragnhild Marie Jonsdatter Tofthaug (mother)
Front: Ragnhild Tobine, Freddrikke, and Marit
Two older children, Embret (Andrew) and Juditta had already immigrated to the US

Tobias died in Norway in 1895.  The remainder of the family (except Sigrid) immigrated one after the other, to the US.

Marit Tobiasdatter Steivang, the youngest of the 9 children, is the Grandmother of Dixie Hansen.  In the US Marit changed her name to May Thompson and was married twice - first to Alfred M. (Rasmussen) Hansen and, following his death, to Fred Wick. 
During her lifetime she had all of these names:  Marit (May) Tobiasdatter Steivang Thompson Hansen Wick

Photo submitted by Dixie Hansen - Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag


Ragnhild "Bertine" (Tobiasdatter Steivang) Brandvold and her husband, Karl Pedersen Brandvold.  Bertine and Karl both came from Lille Evedalen (Alvdal) Norway and immigrated, with their daughter Kanutta, to Stanley Wisconsin in 1903.  Karl died in 1912.  Bertine and Karl had 5 children.  Bertine married Mads Gustavsen Fjelstad in 1913 and had 3 more children by her 2nd marriage.

Photo submitted by Bertine and Karl's Grandaughter, Gay Kearin, Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag





Category 2:  Morph My Family!


Kari Sletten, from Gudbransdal, morphed to her great granddaughter, Karen Grimm

Information about Kari: Mrs Kari Sletten was born October 20, 1855 in Gudbrandson, Norway.  She was a mother of six children.  Her husband died while the children were quite young.

Mrs Sletten came to America in 1906 with her 11 year old son Esten and a daughter Ruth, 16 years.  A daughter, Karen, Mrs Ole Jacobson and family had settled in Powers Township two years earlier.  Her son, Christ, was working in the White Earth coals mines.  One son had been killed in an avalanche in Norway and one daughter stayed Norway.  Mrs Sletten wanted to be near her daughter but there was not much land left unclaimed.  She filed on 80 acres in Powers Lake Township, but after proving it up, she sold it to Martin Peterson.  She then filed on 80 acres in what was to become Battle View Township. Esten continued to live with her for a few years.  Later married and moved to Idaho.  Ruth had become Mrs Swen Jordhiem (Walcott, ND).  For most of her life she lived alone on her claim. She enjoyed spinning, knitting and other kinds of hand work and reading.  She walked a great deal or rode with neighbors to church, to visit, or to town to sell her butter and eggs and buy groceries.  She was an active member of the Sons of Norway Lodge. Mrs Sletten could never say enough for her kind friends and neighbors who made it possible for her to stay in her own home so long.  She lived with her son Christ and family for the last few months before she died in 1932.

Photos were submitted by Karen Grimm, a member of Gudbrandsdalslag.


4-generation morph from Eirik Syverson Steien to his great-granddaughter, Lois (Lundberg) Laehn

Lois is a member of Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag

4-generation morph from Eirik Syverson Steien to his great-granddaughter, Louise (Stein) Erickson

Louise (Stein) Erickson is a member of Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag


Anne Brustugun Dahl from Skjåk, Norway morphed to her granddaughter, Anne Marie (Dahl) Farning

Photos submitted by Anne Farning, Gudbrandsdalslag


Thore Iverson from Vågå morphed to his great-great grandson, John Peterson.  For an Adobe Flash Action Version, click here

Photos submitted by John Peterson, Gudbrandsdalslag.  


Alpha (Anderson) Stai, born in Fosser Akershus, Norway in 1890 morphed to her great-granddaughter, Tracy Louise (Anderson) Morrow, born in Spokane, Washington in 1957.

Photos submitted by Shirley Stai Anderson/Keas, Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag


Martin Olesen Brandvold born in 1869 in Lille Elvedalen, Norway morphed to his Grandson, John Brandvold born 1941 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Photos submitted by Glen Brandvold, Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag


A non-morphed family line-up.  This is a photographic sequence of 7-generations of direct female lineage.  Can you top that?.  Tøne Hansdatter Mørkvold (frame 1), Emma Cecelia Ellingson (frame 2), Helen Josephine Moen (frame 3), Alice Marcella Maki (frame 4), Shirley Ann Lokstad (frame 5), Karen Alisa Lofstrom (frame 6), Marissa Alice Langaard (frame 7)

Ancestral Photos Submitted by Shirley (Lokstad) Schoenfeld - Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag and Gudbransdalslag


5-generation morph from Knud Erickson Romsaas (frame 1) to Erick Knudson Romsaas (frame 3) to Emil Erickson Romsaas (frame 5) to Elwood Romsaas (frame 7) to Gary Romsaas (frame 9)
Erick Knudson Romsaas immigrated with his wife, Abelone Torgersdatter Nistuen Romsaas, and family from the Sygard Romsaas Farm on Brekkom Road, outside Fåvang, Norway in the Ringebu Church district of Gudbrandsdal

Ancestral Photos Submitted by Gary Romsaas - Gudbrandsdalslag

5 -generation Morph from  Eirik Syverson Steien (frame 1) to Samuel Edward Steien (frame 3) to Mayme (Steien) Dobos (Frame 5) to Sylvia (Dobos) Falteisek (frame 7) to Chris Falteisek (frame 9)
Eirick Syverson Steien immigrated to the US from Tøfthaugen, Folldal, Norway along with his wife, Karen Christ Moen.

Ancestral Photos Submitted by Chris Falteisek - Gudbrandsdal and Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lags

4-generation Morph from Elina Erikson Sveen (frame 1) to Jennie (Jacobson) Hogenson (frame 3) to Roslyn (Hogenson) Waddell (frame 5) to Joy (Waddell) Shong (frame 7)
Elina Erikson Sveen immigrated to the US from Folldal, Hedmark Norway.

Ancestral Photos Submitted by Joy Carol (Waddell) Shong - Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag


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