Horton Files:

Preliminary Pedigree Chart for Shirley Beth (Gubb) Horton (PDF)

1841 Sageman Family England

1855 Marriage Sherman Robinson and Mary Smith

1870 Sageman Family

1870 Grave John Sageman

1871 Gubb Family Maryborough

1871 Marriage Mary Ann Sageman and Robert Garside (Lovedy's sister)

1871 Robinson Family

1872 Marriage Sarah Sageman and William Garside (Lovedy's sister)

1879 Deat Record William Robinson

1880 McKichan Family

1880 Sageman Family

1881 Gubb Family Walsingham illegible

1881 Gubb Family Walsingham transcribed

1881 Robinson Family

1889 Death Record Sherman Robinson

1890 Gubb Robinson Marriage

1890 Death Record Susan L Hyde Robinson

1891 Birth Walter Gubb in Essex (brother of Lewis)

1891 Marr McKeithen - Sageman

1893 Birth Lewis Clarence Gubb

1896 Marriage Elizabeth Sageman and Francis Burnard (Lovedy's sister)

1900 McKethen Family pt 1

1900 McKethen Family pt 2

1900 Sageman Family

1901 Gubb Family Walkerville

1903 Death Certificate Charles Sageman Sr.

1903 Grave Charles E. Sageman Sr.

1910 McKichen Family pt 1

1910 McKichen Family pt 2

1911 Gubb Family Essex Ontario

1915 Marr Walt Gubb and Anne Lowry in Michigan (Clarence's brother)

1920 McKichan Family

1920 Death Cert Charles Sageman, Jr. - died after falling from silo (Lovdy's brother)

1920 Gubb McKichan Marriage

1920 Border Crossing Harriett McKichen Gubb

1920 Gubb McKichan Marriage Transcribed

1921 Lewis Clarence Gubb WWI

1926 Death Certificate Mary Smith Robinson

1930 Grave Harriet Philip Sageman

1943 John Franklin Gubb Death

1943 Cemetery John McKichan

1944 Shirley Beth Gubb Crossing

1951 Clarence and Harriett Gubb onboard Queen Elizabeth

1962 Horton Naturalization Index Record

1969 Cemetery Lovedy McKichan

1986 Michigan Death Shirley B. Horton

1986 SS Death Shirley B. Horton

1996 SS Death Frederick B. Horton

1996 Michigan Deaths Frederick B. Horton