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Alfred and May Hansen, Laura Hansen, Connie Brandvold (May's niece), Win Hansen and Bob Lennox. circa 1921 Laura Alvestad; Helen and Win Hansen; Ev Sundgren; May Wick (formerly Hansen) and Fred Wick; Larry, Roddy, and Shirley Sundgren. circa 1945.  This photo is taken at Win and Helen's home in Richfield, Minnesota. Laura and Klaus Alvestad at their farm in Gig Harbor Washington.  (The horse is named Billy!). 1938 Laura Hansen and May Hansen. circa 1919
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Laura Hansen; May Alfred, Win Hansen, Connie Brandvold.  circa 1921 Laura and Winston Hansen. circa 1921. Laura Alvestad, her niece and niece's daughter (names not listed).  (Perhaps this is Ingrid Johansen Alvestad and her daughter Karen?) circa 1949 Alfred and Winston Hansen.  circa 1920
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Evelyn, Laura, May, and Winston Hansen.  circa 1921 Laura, Evelyn, and Winston Hansen.  circa 1921 Laura and Winston Hansen (right) with Lennox Family.  circa 1922 Laura and Winston Hansen. 1919
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Laura Hansen.  circa 19 May and Alfred Hansen, Wedding Photo.  1910 This photo came from Norway.  Is that Rolf or Alfred on left?  Leonharda, and Karen.  Date? Ragnhild Steivang (mother of May);  May, Evelyn, and Alfred Hansen. circa 1917