Powell Photograph Album

Please send identifying caption information (reference the # below the photo) to me:  Dx

Ideally, captions should contain full names, estimated date, and location, if known.  (e.g. not "Grandma Gert"... but "Gertrude (Evans) Brunskill, circa 1952, at her home in Fargo, North Dakota")
Click thumbnail to view slightly larger image.  (Note: I just loaded low-resolution copies up to the web, but will provide higher resolution versions of these on CD once you've provided me with captions).
These photos have all been retouched to get rid of dust and damage and to correct (as much as I could manage) fading and discoloration.  A few were slightly out of focus and I can only improve that problem marginally.  I left the tattered edge on the photo of your Dad in front of the tank because that tells a story in itself (not that I know what the story is).

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