Tre Lag Stevne Steering Committee Reference Documents


Tre Lag 2017

Where the Three Rivers Meet


La Crosse, Wisconsin

Aug 2 - 5, 2017




Contact Info

2017 Tre Lag Stevne Steering Committee


2017 Planning Documents (LaCrosse, Wisconsin


Agenda for Committee Meeting on 03-25-17

Stevne Agenda Grid as of 03-19-17 (includes Audio Visual and Meeting Room Recaps)

Speaker List as of 03-19-17

Draft of Cover/Poster Artwork for Stevne - Version 1A (preferred by designer)

Draft of Cover/Poster Artwork for Stevne - Version 1B

Meal Options at the Radisson

Foyer Layout at Radisson

Agenda for Committee Meeting on 10-08-16

Theme Idea - "Boldy Go"

Theme Idea - "Where the Three Rivers Meet"

Evaluations for 2016 Stevne

Radisson Hotel Contract

Radisson LaCrosse Hotel Catering Menu

2016 History of Stevne Attendance Counts

2016 Tre Lag Financial Statement (almost final)

History of Past Stevne - Tour Venues

History of Past Stevne - Movies

History of Past Stevne - Member Memorial

History of Past Stevne - Themes and Locations

History of Past Stevne - Speakers and Topics

History files combined (Excel)



Planning Committee Minutes

Minutes - 25 March 2017

Minutes - 14 January 2017

Meeting Notes- 8 October 2016

Minutes - 5 March 2016

Minutes - 30 January 2016

Minutes - 3 October 2015

Minutes - 6 August 2015

Minutes - 21 March 2015
Minutes - 24 Jan 2015

Minutes - 25 Oct 2014

Minutes - 29 Mar 2014

Minutes - 18 Jan 2014

Minutes - 12 Oct 2013

Minutes - 13 April 2013

Minutes - 9 Feb 2013

Minutes - 3 Nov 2012

Minutes - 28 April 2012

Minutes - 21 January 2012

Minutes - 1 October 2011

Minutes - 9 April 2011 

Minutes - 12 March 2011

Minutes - 16 October 2010  

Minutes - 1 May 2010

Minutes - 13 March 2010

Minutes - 16 January 2010

Minutes - 17 October 2009  

Minutes - 5 May 2009

Minutes - 14 March 2009

Minutes - 8 Nov 2008


Site Selection Info

Duluth and Fargo Summary Info 
Mason City Iowa and Dubuque Iowa

Posters for Tre Lag Stevne

2016 Poster

2015 Poster

2014 Poster

2013 Poster

2012 Poster

2011 Poster

2010 Poster

2009 Poster 

2008 Poster

2007 Poster

2006 Poster

2005 Poster

2004 Poster

2003 Poster


Program Books for Tre Lag Stevne


2016 Program

2015 Program

2014 Program

2013 Program

2012 Program

2011 Program

2010 Program

2009 Program

2008 Program

2007 Program

2006 Program

Organizational Links

Tronderlag Website

Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Website

Gudbrandsdalslag Website

Fellesraad Website


2016 Planning Documents (South Saint Paul)


Topic Ideas

Agenda for Committee Meeting on 03-05-16

Catering Report 03-05-16

Agenda for Committee Meeting on 01-30-16

Agenda for Committee Meeting on 10-03-15

Clarion Hotel So St. Paul Layout

Clarion Hotel Catering Contract

Clarion Hotel Event Agreement

Evaluations for 2015 Stevne

Draft of Contract for Clarion South Saint Paul - 9/30/15

2015 History of Stevne Attendance Counts

2015 Financial Summary



2015 Planning Documents (Eau Claire, Wisconsin)


Agenda for Committee Meeting on 03-21-15

2015 Catering Menu from Plaza

Agenda for Committee Meeting on 01-24-15

Stevne Suggestions from Elaine and Jim 01-23-15

Agenda for Committee Meeting on 10-25-14

Financial Statement 08-31-14

History of Stevne Attendance Counts

Eau Claire Hotel Layout Map

Stevne Suggestions - from Elaine

2014 Stevne Evaluation Summary

Tre Lag Program

In Memoriam PowerPoint Draft 7-9-25 {pptx)

In Memoriam Draft (pdf)



2014 Planning Documents (Saint Cloud, Minnesota)

Agenda for Committee Meeting 04-27-14 (will follow sequence in minutes from 29 March 2014 - so see those)

Agenda for Committee Meeting 03-29-14

Agenda for Committee Meeting 01-18-14

Agenda for Committee Meeting 10-12-13

Best Western Plus Kelly Inn website

Best Western Kelly Inn Room Layout

Best Western Kelly Inn Room Layout - Excel Version

Best Western Kelly Inn General Proposal

Best Western Kelly Inn Group Accomodations Contract

Best Western Kelly Inn Catering Contract

Best Western Kelly Inn Menus

Evaluations for Prior Year Stevne in Oconomowoc

Stevne Suggestions from Chris Faltiesek

Stevne Suggestions for Speakers from Elaine Hasleton

Stevne Suggestons for Speaker and Activites from Elaine Hasleton 3-29-14

Norwegian Topics Speaker Experts Compilation from John Reindl

Committee Reports (Vendors, Hospitality, Genealogy) - John Reindl - 10/10/13

Financial Report for 2013 Stevne in Oconomowoc

Financial Update Jan 2014

Larger Version of Country Quilt Logo

Museum possibility / Jean Marlow

2014 Agenda Grid (pdf)

2014 Budget Worksheet (Excel)





2013 Planning Documents (Oconomowoc, Wisconsin)


Agenda for Committee Meeting 04-13-13

Agenda for Committee Meeting 02-09-13 at Hudson, WI

Agenda for Committee Meeting 11-03-12 at Olympia Resort, Oconomoc, WI

Proposal from Olympia Resort

Evaluation Summary for 2012 TreLag Stevne in Fargo

Financial Statement for Year Ending 8-31-12

2013 Opening Ceremony (minus the music)

2013 Tre Lag Registration Form

2013 Tre Lag Agenda Quick View



2012 Planning Documents (Fargo, ND)


Financial Statement 1-18-12

Financial Statement 8-31-11

Evaluations for 2011 Stevne in Sioux Falls 

Best Western Doublewood Proposal
Best Western Doublewood Contract

Best Western Doublewood Floor Plan

Best Western Doublewood Room Capacities 

Topic Ideas from Past Evaluations

List of Prior Speakers and Topics

Link to Tre Lag Stories from 2011



2011 Planning Documents (Sioux Falls, SD)


Grid Layout of Stevne Schedule

Budget Worksheet

Long Form Program Schedule

Tre Lag Letterhead Template (Microsoft Word)

Steering Committee Agenda for 10-16-10 at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel in Sioux Falls, SD / directions and map

Lecture, Topics, Tours ideas

Lecture, Topics, Tour ideas from 2010 evaluations

Summary of Topics, Tours, Themes from past Stevner

Sioux Falls - Ramkota Best Western Info From Hotel

Link to Best Western Ramkota website - Conference Facilities

Ramkota Meeting Area Floor Plan

Stevne Evaluation Tabulation from Year Prior (2010)

Vendor List (prior Tre Lag Stevne Vendors by Location)

Vendor List for 2011

Agenda for 03-12-11 Meeting 

Telling Our Story Logo

Steering Committee Agenda for 04-09-11 at Three Bears Lodge in Warrens, Wisconsin

Draft Budget Worksheet for 2011

Preliminary Speaker List for 2011

2011 TreLag Poster - Please post in your locality!


2010 Planning Documents (Stevens Point, WI)

2010 Budget Worksheet
2010 Speakers/Timeslots
2010 Catering Report (PDF)
Steering Committee Agenda for 03-13-10 at the Arterial in Lacrosse WI: Directions and Map 
Steering Committee Agenda for 01-16-10
Steering Committee Agenda for 10-17-09
Stevne Evaluations from Year Prior (2009)
Floor Plan at Ramada 
Convention Area Room Dimensions / Capacity
Lecture and Demo Topic Ideas  


Committee Responsibilities





Memorial Service



        Facilities/Local Arrangements


Publicity  Attachments and more

Registration  Attachments

Site Selection

Treasurer Responsibilities


Vendor Demonstrations


2009 Tre Lag Stevne Steering Committee (in part)

Back: Robert Fossum, Ron Helstad, Dick Lundgren, Jim Olson, Bob Olson

Front: Nancy Hawkinson, Joy Shong, Dixie Hansen, Marilyn Sorensen, Barry Dahl